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I breastfeed, but DD is feeding 7 times over the course of 24 hours with 3 solid meals. She is probably about 16 lbs by now & 8 months old. It goes like this:

4am-ish: breastfeed & back to bed

8am: breastfeed & solid meal

10:30am: breastfeed

1:00pm: breastfeed & solid meal

3:30pm: breastfeed

6pm: breastfeed & solid meal

8pm: breastfeed & bed

My very good friend has a baby that will be 8 months in about a week (formula-fed). Her baby is on almost the same schedule as my DD except her baby only gets 2 solid meals a day. My friend is being very scared about giving her baby solids for reasons she can't explain...I just think she doesn't want her baby to grow up, to be honest with you. Her baby weighs about 16-17 lbs as well. I think she is giving about 6-7 oz at a feeding.

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