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Could your baby be cranky at night because he has gas?

The reason he sleeps better with bottle feeds is because formula milk fills his stomach and is harder for him to digest. This does not necessarily mean it is better for him, just that it is more convenient for you (which is no bad thing!). I'm not sure why he sleeps better when you bottle feed him with EBM - maybe it's because he has lots of it with less effort than it takes for him to suckle.

It's true that breast fed babies take longer to start sleeping through the night, but I personally was very happy to be nursing my daughter 1-2 times at night if she needed it, as I thought the benefits outweighed a little bit of inconvenience for me.

At 6 weeks old babies are developing very quickly (and it's often a time for growth spurts), so it feels like your milk is not meeting his demands, but trust me, in time everything will balance out, whether or not you supplement with formula. If you persevere with feeding on demand, you will soon find that you are feeding less often and he is getting satisfied by the feeds. There's nothing wrong with supplementing his feeds with formula, but it will affect your milk supply, so if you're happy with that and it suits both of you, why not?

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