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Things can get ugly on this board - but don't worry - there is alot of hormonal women on this board.
I am in awe of any single mom out there. I am married and feel overwhelmed with DH help. But on the other hand my DH isn't the best help either. When my DS was first born we fought alot about how things should be done. DH would do it one way and I would do it another. All the things you mentioned are some of the exact things DH and I disagree about.
I'll start with the getting up to feed DS. It is DH job to get up and give Ds his first bottle and my DH does the same thing your SO does. Gives him his pacifier and puts him back down. On one side it is annoying but on the other hand it is training them to try and sleep through the night. However, I don't think the baby should have to lay there and cry.
The same goes for when we started my DS on cereal. I liked to do it on my lap since it was easier but DH wanted him in the high chair.
I think you and your SO need to sit down and talk it out. Ask him if he wants to make this work for your child or not. If he does then tell him what needs to change before you change the locks. If he doesn't want to make things work, then I would say end it. It is better for your child to be raised in a loving happy household of one. Then to be in a family that is always on edge and fighting. Both of you should have the same goal. I know after the birht of our son, DH and I were always at odds and we still have our days but DS is 11 months now and things are getting better between us. But it took us at least 10 months before we started to get along again. However, prior to DS we did have a good relationship. For right now though, your child is not going to remember the fights you are having. But when a disagreement arises sit down and discuss your view points and meet in the middle. Also, children realize that in life mom and dad always do things differently. A child can understand that.

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