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I agree with what Friday said about giving regular feedings throughout the day and evening (every 2-3 hours...preferably every 2), then at night they should be able to sleep and not want food so often. Sounds like your day & night feeding schedules should be flipped.

Our Ped told us we could cut out some night feedings when she was over 10 lbs and on solids....which was 4 months old for us when she was 12 lbs. We started solids right at 4 months. I breastfeed, also. Cutting out feedings meant we could let 8-10 hours go from the last feeding of the night.

Also, our Ped said I shouldn't let more than 3 hours go between feedings during the day. Even when she started solids, she didn't go longer than 3 hours between meals during the day. DD is 8 months old now and still averages 3 hours between meals. Rarely does she do 4 hours between meals. It's still pretty common for DD to want a feeding after 2 hours (we still breastfeed).

I recall the obvious growth spurts went on until she was about 4 months old.

I do remember a 3 month growth spurt...and it was the most gruelling of all growth spurts. DD would eat normally in the day (every 2 hours or so), but between the hours of about 9pm to about 6am she would seriously eat every single hour...and she would EAT...not just want to suck. Even worse (for me) was that lasted 8 straight days. I didn't sleep more than a total of a couple hours over the course of a night...and it was in a chair every night. I was sooooo glad I had pumped plenty of breastmilk, because my boobs were drained all the time and got pretty sore. Glad that's over with!

Good luck.

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