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Re: "Baby Wearing"
May 25, 2006
I'm doing much the same as you - pumping and supplements. But, I have found that letting her nurse, nurse, nurse has been much more effective then pumping. I'm doing what is called a "nursing vacation". I get my phone, the remote, a drink, and a snack and I just go lay on the bed for the afternoon and let her suck herself silly. That is really the BEST thing you can do. Using a pump is the manual stimulation, but actually nursing is good for the mental stimulation. A pump is not as effective as the baby, and if your body is WITH the baby, this will help trigger that "make more milk" response.. even without an empty breast. Just letting baby fall asleep with their head resting on your breast will help. It's true!

As for bed time, hang in there, getting baby to sleep does get easier even if you breastfeed. I find just nursing in the evening is enough now, and then hubby can take over and rock her to sleep, or sing to her, or walk.. what ever. As she has gotten older it's becoming more about food, so once baby is fed anyone can do the rest. If you make rocking the signal for sleep, then it won't matter if you BF in the evenings or not. Making sure baby will take a bottle is good for any time of day, that way if you aren't around for bed time then obviously a bottle can be used.

I actually enjoy nursing her to sleep. I get to lay on the bed and just VEG OUT while hubby does dishes and clean bottles. I was supplementing after that feeding, but lately she only plays with the bottle, and rarely takes more then ounce, which means she doesn't need it anymore.. which is good. The last few nights she's been going to sleep on her own and staying asleep without the supplement, and last night she slept NINE hours!! Woo hoo!!

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