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Ohh i am envious of all the mums who have babies who sleep for longer than 3 hours during the night!! :yawn:

My little one is almost 7 weeks and still wakes every 3 hours for a feed. He may go one day a week where he will wake every 4 hours but mainly its still 3 hours. Sometimes during the day he wakes every 2 hours!!! I really dont know what to do. This is where i get confused in that the doc says he is going through a growth spurt (seems he has had one for the past 7 weeks!!) and that he should be having either 5 bottles of 150ml or 6 bottles of 130ml for his weight (which is 11 pound 8 by the way) BUT i tell the doc that he wakes every 3 hours for food. The doc says well then you can feed him 130ml - but if i do this it equates to 8 bottles a day!!! and thats heaps!!! I have tried to reduce the amount per feed to 100ml so he isnt getting over fed for the 8 bottles. Doesnt work. So i tried the 150ml for 5 feeds - doesnt work. He wants food every 3 hours no matter how much or how little he has had in his feeds.

And i got completely off the subject of this thread! :eek:

SORRY what i was going to say was that our bedtime routine is bath at 8pm -then feed, cuddle, then bed (he takes a while to settle at night) then i am up at 12, 3 and 6am every day :yawn:

If anyone has any suggestions on a better bedtime routine to help me that wouold be GREAT!!! also suggestions re feeding??????? How can i make him go longer between feeds??? I am worried he is putting on too much weight too quickly. He averages about 300grams per week!!!! And that has been for the past month!! The doc doesnt seem too concerned but he says to try and get his feeding sorted. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i have even tried a bottle of water to try and hold off the feed times but that doesnt work either. :confused:

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