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My peditrician recomended not giving milk until atleast 1 years old, apparently babys cant digest it the way the rest of us do. You may want to check with your babys doctor and see what they think. I give my son 100% apple juice watered down about 50-50 in a sippy cup once a day. He also likes just plain water sometimes.

Snacks my 11 month old likes are cheerios, rice cakes, crackers, cooked plain pasta, steamed veggies, yogurt, banana peices, avocado, egg yolks, and boiled chicken. I have a food grinder that I grind almost anything we eat in and he loves. One of my friends recomended giving him frozen pickles to chew on to help with teething but I havent tried that yet. Theres also pre packaged snacks for this age like teething biscuits, dried fruit and fruit puffs.

You can also find great books like Feed me Im yours or The Baby Book that have recipes for baby friendly food thats easy to make with stuff in your own pantry. They even give ideas like keeping an ice cube tray full of finger foods in your fridge that you have easy access to and give a variety of snacks for your baby. Good Luck

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