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Oh my goodness, I am going throught the EXACT same thing! Like you, my son only throws these fits when he is not getting what he wants. I always thought we were pretty good not to spoil him, or give into I don't know where it is coming from! I think it is something "new" he is trying??? I am the same as you, sometimes I end up crying harder than he is. We did switch him to milk a few weeks ago, so I am going to go back to formula for a bit. I am wondering if the milk is causing him problems. It is only when he wants something, or can't get somewhere, etc...but if the milk is causing him discomfort, that may just be when it sets him off. So it could be as the pp said, maybe something is causing them pain, and it's when they are really unhappy that it mostly comes out???
I don't know, I miss my happy baby!
Good luck.

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