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Well, I have a different view on this, especially where breastfeeding is concerned. Breastmilk, nutritionally, is far superior then any food we can give our babies. Especially young babies with sensitive GI tracts. It is nutritionally [b]complete[/b] and 100% hydrating, not requiring anything else. Once we start solids we have to be mindful of balancing various nutrients with hydration. This is not necessary with breastmilk.

If you concider the first 2 months old life as the unofficial 4th trimester, which I do (as does my ped), then it's pretty safe to say that a 6 month old baby is still, digestively speaking, immature.

Also, holding off on solids until 6 months old age has been proven to reduce childhood obesity, allergies, and, the continued breastfeeding helps us mommies combat breast cancer. Starting baby on anything other then breast before 6 months has also been contributed to early weaning.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization both state that supplementation, water, and solids (including cereals and formula) are not needed and are not recommended, unless medically necessary until 6 months of age.

Personally, I'm gunna take each day as it comes. I think a lot of people force solids onto their children before their ready. A friend of mine's daughter didn't start solids until 8 months old, and she is perfect. Other friends, and family, on the other hand have had babies who showed a much younger interest in food. If your baby is acting interested, then why not. BUT, be sure your baby is ready. If your baby shows an interest in food, mimicks chewing, and can distingish between the tounge thrusting needed to suck vrs chewing, then why not? I would, however, try to keep the majority of the nutrition from brestmilk.. but that's just me.

I guess at the end of the day if your baby is ready then it's Ok to introduce certain foods, but if you want to exclusively breastfeed (like I'm working towards) then there is no harm in waiting. Do what you think is right and what you think your baby is ready for, and have fun doing it!

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