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Infant Care (up to 18 months old) Board Index I did the math. And this sounds like a big problem to me. See iof you can follow me on this one... If DS only eats 2.4 oz at each feeding and it takes him about 45 mins then if I feed him 12 times per day to get in the 30oz he is supposed to have then I would be feeding him for 9hrs every day. In order to get in that many feedings per day each one being 45mins, then he would ONLY be able to have a break in beteen feedings for 1hr 15mins.

[B]12[/B] breaks inbetween the twelve feeding sessions [B](times)[/B][B] 1.25hrs [/B]for each break [B](plus) 9hrs [/B]total of feeding [B]= 24hrs [/B]for the day.

I are all probably thinking I am analyzing this WAY too much...but that's what I do. :)

So let me just say that that is impossible. Especially since he is also suppose to be getting sleep in - like about 14 hrs per day. And 14 hours of sleep plus 9 hrs of feeding equals 23hrs. So that would only leave 1 extra hour for awake/play time. So yeah, that's pretty impossible. Maybe DS just isn't a textbook baby because he certainly doesn't seem like he is getting 30oz a day like most babies this age are suppose to get, but he is doing just fine, with the exception of one week not gaining what he should, but that was just one week thus far.

I'm just doing the best I can and will take it week to week. I am a little nervous about him hitting his 3 month growth spurt though. He s 8wks right now. Oh, and I have weighed him, nursed him, and then weighed him at a place in town, which is why I know how much he eats per feeding. Although I know it can change feeding to feeding, it usually seems to be 2.4oz, which isn't much.

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