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Is there a reason it's taking 45 mins to feed at that age? Do you know if there is a physical problem that's making nursing take that long (baby can't suck...problem with nipples, etc)?

I used to nurse that long too until my Ped said as long as there are no physical limitations, a baby will nurse for as long as you let them, and about 90% of their meal is taken in within the first 5-10 mins of nursing. Anything after that is primarily comfort sucking with a little milk.

I started giving the breast for less lengths of time, I gave the paci more often for comfort sucking, and DD never went hungry. I was afraid she was...but she wasn't. Even giving the paci took practice on the baby's part.

I started limiting nursing time down from an hour to 30 mins...down to 20 mins. I'll tell you what...DD was actually done in less than 10 mins once I began to see for myself I really didn't need to be nursing for extended lengths of time.

Have you talked to a lactation consultant or your Ped about it?

Also, I know that 2.4 oz doesn't sound like much, but it sounds normal to me. I have a small baby, and she has always taken so much less milk compared to others on this board, asking around, and internet research.

I recall by 3 months, DD finally was taking in 3oz of EBM.

By 4 months she was taking in 4 oz. I don't recall ever giving her a bottle of EBM more than 4 oz. There's no way she would drink more than that at 1 sitting. I'd read on these boards other babies the same age taking in 6-8 oz and I would think, "you've got to be kidding, right?"

DD is almost 9 months old. She is on solids...but even now if we give her a bottle of EBM, I never thaw more than 4 oz at a time....even if it's a snack and all she's getting is EBM for that meal. DD is a small baby. She's in the lower percentiles (20th or so), but she's also in the same percentiles for height and she's porportioned just right.

I don't know...I'm reading your post and it seems you ARE analyzing this way too much. Your baby is only 8 weeks old. No baby is a textbook baby. If your life consitsts of constantly feeding the baby, probably getting a little stir crazy yourself, that sounds pretty normal to me. You say your baby is gaining weight, so you are doing fine and shouldn't be worrying so much.

Maybe you could pump and give yourself a break? That's something I did and it helped out my stress levels soooo much. I didn't want to give DD to anyone for feedings...and I wanted to feed her out of my breast...but it was just what I needed.

I don't know if you are one who plans to "exclusively" breastfeed...but I will tell you this...if you do pump and give EBM through a bottle, your baby is still "exclusively" breastfed. My DD will be 9 months old in a few days...she has never had a drop of formula in her life, but she definitely knows how to take from a bottle if she had to or ir I was hurt & couldn't breastfeed.

I would just work on cutting back the time you are feeding your baby. At 8 weeks, it should not be taking that long.

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