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We have a 2 year old and we didn't use the attachment parenting. I couldn't b/f so the nursing to comfort wasn't an option obviously. I also had no desire to "wear" my baby as my back was absolutely killing me after I had him and did for months. However, this time I am b/f and I am in better shape so I do wear my son sometimes to keep him calm. I am a fan of both ways. I think it's easier to wear them and comfort nurse them though. It's less work for the time being.
I am still nursing him to sleep sometimes but I am working hard at getting him to go to sleep on his own in the swing or his rocking chair. We put on the vacuum when he gets really fussy and he sleeps quite soundly for several hours so I can play with my toddler. I just hate how loud it is! Mind you, this is what ds likes about it!! lol.
I didn't mean to start a debate but I do appreciate both points of view. My toddler is an amazing sleeper and has been since about 4 month of age. We would put him down awake in his crib and he almost always would drift off to sleep by himself. I am hoping to have the same result with ds#2 as I need to have a life, especially with dh! (if you know what I mean!).
Thanks for the advice and opinions ladies... it helps to know I am not alone in my concern/situation.

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