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[QUOTE=laurabelle1317]When you take frozen or cold EBM out with you, if you need it before it is unfrozen, then what do you do? When my DS is hungry, he's usually hungry NOW. While he can wait a little bit sometimes...he can't usually wait the 5 minutes it would take to warm it up under a faucet of warm running water. So I end up taking formula out because its so much easier. I just put water into a bottle and keep it in a pouch that has an insert to be heated up in the microwave. So the water stays warm for a few hours. Then I add the formula when needed.[/QUOTE]

I totally understand not wanting the baby to cry while you're getting the bottle ready...but in the 5 minutes it takes to thaw takes just about as much time to make your formula. Your baby is crying either way. I certainly am not criticizing need to do whatever works for you. I guess my point is just about every baby cries when they want a bottle. No matter how you prep a bottle...whether with EBM or formula...the baby is going to be crying. You can't make any bottle fast enough when the baby is crying.

Anyway, to answer your Q...If I know I won't have access to a kitchen or ideal conditions to make/heat an EBM bottle, I take frozen milk out the night before & thaw to cold in the fridge. Put the cold milk in the bottle, and tote around the bottle with a cold pack. Run the whole bottle under hot water, swirl around to distribute the heat until the chill is taken off.

OR.....or just tote around the frozen milk without a cold pack & expect it will be thawed totally or for the most part in a couple or few hours. Then you can transfer to a bottle & heat the bottle with hot water.

I guess you could carry a thermos of hot water and a bowl or something to set the bottle into if you know you won't have hot running water. I've never done this...just something I thought of if I knew I would be in that situation.

[QUOTE=laurabelle1317]Do you think it would be okay to warm up the bottle of EBM and keep it in that warm pouch for a few hours? DS won't tolerate his milk cold or room temperature yet. If not, then whats a fast way to warm it up without having him go crazy while waiting? I eventually want to try to get him used to room temperature bottles. But right now, he needs them warm.[/QUOTE]

I understand about wanting the milk warm. You said your baby is 10 weeks. I think that's about the time I started slacking when it came to warming bottles. My H was the one who started slacking actually. I was appalled that he was giving DD room temp milk. It was ALWAYS warmed up in the past. I learned warm milk was more of an issue with ME that it was with DD. Try it when DD is more the morning or after a longer nap. I think you will be surprised.

Actually, I do not like to give EBM that is still chilled. I notice sometimes the fat in the milk isn't melted out totally if the bottle is too cold...kind of like little globs in there that don't pass thru the nipple sometimes. I've found at least a room temp bottle is all I need to achieve so the fat melts back into the milk.

I personally don't see a problem with warming milk and carrying it that way if DD was going to drink the bottle within an hour...2 at the most. Any longer than that and I wouldn't do it. That's just me.

Is it safe to tote around warmed milk? I don't know. I do know that the more you change the milk from it's original state...cooling, heating, freezing, thawing, letting it sit away from it's original state, the more the anitbodies die off. I'm sure some are more agressive about this concept than others. Some days I'm perfect about handling my milk, and other days I just do what I have to do to get by. As long as I'm not making DD sick with spoiled milk, I'm happy.

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