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I just wanna hear updates on all of your babies!

I just went in for my ninth month check up and my son is 24 lbs and 20 inches long. The doc says he looks great :) Even thought he is kinda behind on the crawling thing and he teeters when he sits, the doc isn't too concerned since my boy is huge and he has a lot to hold up and drag around. But instead of crawling, he rolls everywhere, and does this backwards crawl type thing. It's kinda funny.

Alex says a few words now, he knows "dada," he calls me "maaaaa." I take him swimming a lot, and he kicks his legs and splashes his arms liek crazy. He put his face int he water a few times and scared the crap out of me....he just laughed!!! I was thinking...ahhhh NO. :P

He has a nice schedule that is very manageable...well as far as a baby can be :p He wakes at 6am for a morning bottle, then goes back to sleep until 8am. Then I feed him breakfast of half cereal, half fruit. (usually a little bowl full) Then he has a bottle around 10:30, and takes a nap until noon, where he has lunch of a jar of baby food. Then a bottle in the afternoon, anotehr nap, dinner at five (one jar of food) a snack at 7 (half cereal, the other half of the fruit from morning) bath at 8, then the last bottle....and down for the night! The schedule is if he stays up later, he'll sleep later and skip the morning nap.

He got his fifth tooth in the other day, and I suspect he is getting another by the way he is biting me :p He still hates the sippy cup. :\ He just smacks it away from me.

That's about it for me...alex is such a joy :) His curly blond hair is getting so long, and he is growing out of everything! I put away some of his smaller clothing the other day and it hurt my heart to do it....there were so many cutie patootie outfits that I didn't want to have to makes me want another teenie baby again :p

ANyways, I hope to hear from you girls soon!

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