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I used to get the bathroom very warm first. Then I showed baby the tub so she knew what to expect and eased her into the water. If I didn't do it slowly, she beame a little uncomfortable, but if I took my time, she enjoyed it. The tub I have is at a 45 degree angle so that her head was completely out of the water. I scooted her plastic baby tub forward to the middle of the large tub. I turned on the water and tested the temperature of the water coming out of the faucet. Then, when it was just right, I scooted her tub back so that I could have her hair in the stream of the water. I was able to hold her head and turn it or lift it so that the water would not get in her eyes. It seemed to feel good to her. Of course, I had to be VERY careful to adjust the water stream and temperature before doing this, but this is what worked for us. Now we use a cup and pour the clean water over the back of her head while supporting her head. This is what we do now that she's older to prevent accidents.

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