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Oh! I think DS has hit his 3 month growth spurt. He was fussy yesterday. And today he has had crying fits all of a sudden showing he wants to nurse. (I usually try to feed him before he cries, but this has been all of a sudden.) He hasn't been napping well. And he has been wanting to nurse all day long. I have rented a baby scale for 2 days so I could weigh him before and after he eats to see how much he is eating total throughout the day. Well...this has turned out not to be such a great time to have done that since he is nursing pretty much all day long. So there isn't always a real distinction between each feeding session. Now that I have recognized that I Think he is growth spurting, then I know I must plow through the next few days as he helps to increase my milk supply. All I have been able to get done today is throwing a load of laundry into the wash. I didn't even get to put it in the dryer, DHdid. So...lots of nursing! He's a growing boy!
Oh boy...I remember the last really obvious growth spurt DD had. That was at 3 months. I recall when she was in her 4th month, I had realized she hadn't had a spurt in a while. I've never experienced an obvious one since (she's 9 mo now).

At that 3 month spurt, DD's lasted for 8 days! Feedings were intense all thru the night. I just sat/slept in a chair all night holding & feeding DD. She ate a little more often than normal during the day...I handled that fine...but the nights...ugh. I was getting maybe 2-3 hours of sleep over the course of each night.

Glad that's over with. Good luck to you. Hoping yours doesn't last as long as DD's did!
Well I was just going to come on here and ask about this and here it is. My little one has been up every hour or two to eat at night! she was doing well for a while and sleeping 6 hours or 7 a night! now all she wants to do is eat!!! She is coming up on 3 months! she weighed 13 pounds and was 24 inches long at her 2 month apt on the 12th. She is healthy.
I hope this stops soon, I need sleep!
P.s. aren't they doing the cutest things! She giggled for real this morning and she smiles all of the time and coos!

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