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Awe, your boobs didn't let your DS down! He got colostrum, and that stuff really is like liquid gold! At least you're healthy now though, I remember being really scared FOR you when I read your birth story. You wouldn't be of much use, boobs or no boobs, if you weren't healthy. I bet it must be really hard to mourn a breastfeeding relationship. I can't say I know how you feel, but I think I have an idea after all the troubles we went through. But you must be doing something right to have a happy and healthy little (big!) guy. ;)

Have you tried relactating now that you're healthy(ier) again? I was surprised how common, and successful, it can be! When I had my low supply problems I thought I was one day away from my milk drying up, but I was able to bring it back. When I sought help and started attended La Leche Meetings I actually met a woman who was lactating and breastfeeding an adopted baby! It was AMAZING!

It's pretty simple, really. All you do is stimulate your breasts like you would to get your milk to come in after you gift birth. For myself I had to pump every two hours and/or after every feeding at the breast. I also used an "SNS" (supplemental nursing system) that was basically a tube taped to my breast that had formula in it so when Ava nursed she stimulated my breast and got nourishment. I found that the reason she wasn't happy on the breast was because she wasn't getting enough, so that helped, plus the stimulation helped increase my supply.

Ava's almost 17 weeks. She'll be 4 months old in a week and half. :dizzy: It's amazing how big she's getting. She's also LOOOOONG like your guy. She's 25 inches too. She has to wear some 9 month old clothes!

Does Sam like to stand up? Ava's always trying to stand in my lap.

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