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Heather we have esp bc I was coming on today to start a march mommie thread! LOL. We lost it somewhere in our crazy lives.

Ds is doing great! Can't believe next week he'll be four months old. He's weighing in around 15lbs (according my moms scale) and 25 inches but we will know offically on July 3rd. Hes on rice cereal since the beginning of the month, tried peas HATED THEM, then some carrots which he has enjoyed but I think I'm going to wait to start veggin when he's four months offically. He's finally sleeping through the night. He goes to bed around 8 or 9 then doesn't wake up till 630 or 730! SO NICE. Lastnight he went to bed at 630! Slept till 11 and I didn't hear him crying so my grandmother (luckly she's living with us) heard him and went and got him. I'm such a bad mommie! I knew he was going to wake up bc he went to bed SO early and I didn't hear him:( So she gave him a bottle and he went back to bed till 630. We got him a walker today (btw heather I seen little mans walker pics..SO CUTE!) and he tried so hard to move it. He got it to move alittle but his legs are not strong enough lol. He hasn't rolled over yet but he's working on it. He can get on his side! He also swam in his infant pool for the first time last weekend! It was SO exciting, he loved it. He was kicking his feet like crazy, splashing his cousin, uncle, aunt, papa and me lol. So he goes swimming about every other day now. It's been so hot here so he loves it. Right now I'm looking for a Jolly Jumper bc the way he kicks his legs he'll love it. Weds we are heading up to NY so Jr can FINALLY meet some of his other family and my friends, his "aunts" lol. I'm excited eventhough dh won't make it:(

OMG I have to tell you all this. As you know ds is on soy formula bc he couldn't tolerate other formula. Well we went to my step brother in laws birthday party the other night and my fil gave ds some CHEESE! I WAS SO MAD! I looked at him and told him "First off ART, he is NOT suppose to have cheese bc he can not have dairy, second off..he can not have that bc he could choke on it!" And the ******* had enough nerve to just roll his eyes and tell me I need to relax, he knows what good for him! UH! So I told my dh that my fil will not be seeing his grandson until he start to listen to ME! I know what is BEST FOR MY SON! God I hate him. I've never hated ANYONE BEFORE!:blob_fire :blob_fire :blob_fire :blob_fire :mad: :mad: :mad: that I have vented, I do feel better lol. Things have been going well otherwise. Eventhough I did get in a car accident the other day but thankfully it was only me and my sister (no babies. ah!) and all the damage is done to my car. Oh and I found out someone in Louisiana stole my identity. I have no credit as it is so they didn't get anything. Though the detective thinks they might have gotten a car under my name. Super! I can't even get a car under my name lol. So I'm getting that figured out right now.

I'm glad to hear everyone and the lovely ones are doing well. I'm having a hard time with how fast my baby boy is growing up. I'll get over it, probably when I'm pregnant again! lol.:dizzy:

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