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Re: Bed TIME?
Jun 26, 2006
My DD is 21 months old. Her bed time has always been beweetn 8-9. I decided to not let her get on a late night schedule and get use to it. I have a nephew who wants to stay up until 12 night or 1. I do not want that with my DD. So i decided at an early age she was going to get use to going to be at a early time. She has slept through the night since she was 6 weeks in her own bed. At first she slept only until like 5. Now she will sleep until like 7 only because she has to go to daycare, but sometimes she will sleep until 8 or 9 and she still takes 2 -2 hour naps a day unless she sleeps in until 9. Some people tell me she is told old for this many naps. One if not she is the biggest crap and she still sleeps great a night. Our DD has always loved her sleep and food.I think that it what you find that work for you and your baby. That was just something that i never wanted her to get use to. We also had a friend that let her little boy stay up late. They are both 3 now and still want to do this. Now my friend i don't think it mattered to much at first with her. She was a stay at home mom. Then about a 1 year ago she had another baby and wasn't getting any sleep between the baby waking and her oldest not want go to be until late. Like i said this is just what i saw with my sister and friend and didn't want that with my dd. Good luck with this.

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