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Do all babies get cranky when they are tired? Does anyones babies just go to sleep with out the fussiness? My DD is now 6 months old. She has be sleeping through the nights since about 3 months. She usually goes to bed at 10 pm (although sometimes she wants to stay up and play) and gets up about 9 am. Sometimes that varies. But even when its naptime she is so cranky. The only way to get her to sleep is giving her a bottle, that she doesn't need. And sometimes that doesn't work. Sometimes I just have to put her in the crib and she ends up crying for at the most 5 minutes but goes right to sleep. I hate doing that but sometimes I have no other choice. There are even days where I have to run the hairdryer to get her to sleep, lol. I've tried just putting her in the crib when she starts rubbing her eyes but she will cry and I have to take her out and usually end up giving her a bottle. She doesn't like the pacifier anymore, she loved it up until about 4 months. If I try to give her the pacifier she takes it out and plays with it.
She has been like this for the past 2 to 3 months. Anyone else have the same issue? Any help is appreciated. Thanks ladies!

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