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Hi All!
Need your DD just turned a year old on the 24th of this month. On the 18th she started a fever and on Monday the 19th it was about 103. We got her in to the DR and they thought because her ears, throat and everything else looked good that she had this Roseola. Nope, no rash after the fever broke. :confused: But since this she has been crabby - refused to eat and just not herself. We broke the bed time rice bottle - but even though she seems hungry - you go to put her in her highchair and she gets upset until she gets a taste of her food and then close to the end of about 8 ounces of food (which typically is a jar of food and then 4 ounces of yogurt) she gets upset and cries again. So we end eating. She won't take a bottle - but will take Apple Juice or water out of her sippy cup. She is very easy to upset and just seems off - not herself and does occasionly seem warm - not hot. She has been to the DR twice in the past week. Both times they did blood work - nothing serious (white blood count up the first time (still with in normal range) and then the second time 4 days later it was down some - but still normal).....they checked for a bladder infection - all was negative and was good. (That was torture for her and me by the way) - it's my understanding that at about 12 months they start working some of those miserable molars. Could this be it? Could it be that taking a bottle or eating bothers her that much with these teeth? I don't see a clear sign that they are coming - I do see that her bottom teeth are coming but they have actually broke the gum line so the worst is over with those...(the two next to the first two - making a total of 4 teeth on the bottom and she has the 4 top already too!) - but I can't tell with the molars. Any thoughts as to if this is just normal stuff, a growth spurt or molars? I am confused, I am a little frustrated because she doesn't eat like I know she can and won't take a bottle (which is the primary source of her vitamins!)......any suggestions? When did your 1 year old get their first molars and what did they experience.
Thanks for your time. Any help is always appreciated.
-Sue :dizzy:

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