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Early Teething???
Jun 29, 2006
What is everyone's experience with teething? At what age did it start and what were the symptoms?

My baby is 2.5 months old. She's chewing her fingers and making lots of bubbles from her mouth today. We can't seem to console her today, so I gave her some tylenol to see if maybe she's starting the very beginnings of teething...????
I read it can possibly start at 3 months. The thing is, she can't hold on to objects, yet, so we can't give her something to chew on. She's rejecting the passy today. I guess she could have a tummy ache. Hmmmm...
Same here.. my 3rd seemed to start teething the moment she was born! She has slobbered everywhere and chewed everything since she coudl get her fingers to her mouth.. now at 7 months she has 2 teeth on bottom.
I was told, oh and my DS is 3 months old, that many people mistake drooling and chewing or teething at this age. Thier salivary glands are just starting to work and they drool becasue they don't know what to do with it, and they are just learning about thier hands and mouths and such. I thought DS was teething too, but I don't think he is yet.
Ok, because she's been crying, too, and rejecting the bottle sometimes. She's a bit young for teething, though.
could it be an ear infection? Sometimes it hurts more when they suck on the bottle. Also if they are laying flat.
Hi there. It could be as previous posters have said. But just keep in mind, there have been babies BORN with teeth. SO its not entirely impossible for her to be teething. Check with the doc to make sure she doesnt have an ear infection. Good luck. :wave:
My best friend's DS got two teeth at 2 months old, and her mother (DS's grandmother) was born with a tooth:eek: teething age MIGHT be genetic.

Ds started teething at about 6 weeks and by 9 weeks had one poking through! My cousin had four teeth by two months! It can happen early. Try rubbing a cold washcloth on the baby's mouth. You can try to feel in their mouths, if it is teeth, you can sometimes feel little hard places, or see little white places under the gum.
You guys! She has a tooth! It's quite odd. I washed my hands (of course) and felt her gums. In the back she has a molar coming in. I feel it more on the side, though. It's hard and sharp. I felt the other side and there's nothing there!!!
I always thought babies started their front teeth first...????....but what do I know? This is my first. hehe. It sure explains a lot....finger chewing, drooling, biting the bottle nipple, etc.... She'll be 3 months next week!
My daughter is now 3 months and doing the same exact thing. It is EXTREMELY frusterating because she wants milk so I give her a bottle and she takes a sip and bucks around and cries and I try to give her a bink and she doesn't want that and it goes on and on. I feel like I really want to loose it sometimes when she acts this way recently. She also drools, chews the hands and has a "cough" which is actually associated with teething.We'll see....I like to hear more stories about this subject.
I noticed the cough, too, a few times a day.
Update: I see a tooth poking through. It's not that back molar that I feel. It's the one in front of that. I know, it's odd, but it's there! Tylenol helps when she gets fussy and goes absolutely crazy chewing her fingers.
A-iden is 15 weeks and i am positive he is teething. When i feel his gums i can feel the tooth under them most days but then other days they seem soft again - someone told me that the teeth come down and go back up for a while before they pop out. has anyone else heard this???? Also i have got the gel stuff for his gums but he hates it!!! He looks at me like 'mummy what have you given me?" pulls a face then cries!!!! Its awful!!!
My cousin (a nurse) said that teeth come and go as well. I'm sure they probably shift around until they are finally in position. After all, the baby's jaw and face bones are growing constantly. Makes sense to me. :)
I think my DS is getting a tooth in the back too! I have been feeling it for a while and thinking I see something. Now I really see something! I am pretty certain it must be a tooth. How wierd that it is in the bottom back instead of in the front. Andvhe of course has been drooling lots and has his hands in his mouth a lot. He puts his hands way back in his mouth though and likes to chomp on my finger where his back teeth would be. He coughs sometimes too recently. Wierd!

Is this really rare for an infant to get their first tooth in the back? He is 3.5 months old.
My son has a back molar that's poking through a wee bit. You have to feel real good, and I haven't been able to get him to sit still with his mouth wide open to look lol His two front teeth are up at the skin too.... I thought that was quite odd but today at his appointment, the LNP said it was perfectly normal. Many children get back teeth, but they don't poke through all the way as quick as front teeth tend to. If that makes sense... :dizzy:
laurabelle1317, my DS is the same age. Everyone I talk to thinks it's wierd, but hey, if it's there, it's there. I'm going to have her doctor look at it when she goes in for her 4 month well baby checkup.
Tooth eruption is a continues and long process. They start forming when you're about 4mo pregnant. They first form in the bone and when the crown is developed they start to push through. It's normal to feel the back teeth first b/c the crown is so much bigger (and expands the bone), but they do take the longest to errupt b/c the roots are bigger and take longer to form.

I also felt my son's back teeth at 3mo, but since then he got 4 lower front teeth at 4mo, upper 4 front at 6mo, canines and FINALLY his back molars at 11mo. Of course this is very early. Average age for eruption of back molars is 12-14mo and canines (or i-teeth) is 16-18mo.

Don't forget, her permenent/adult teeth have also already begun formation too (3-4mo age) but they won't erupt until she is 6-8yrs old)

I think very soon, DD will suprise you w/ a big tooth in the front. In my case, one day there was nothing and the next morning 2 teeth were poking through.:wave:
I don't just feel a bump in the back but I actually feel a sharp point and I can actually SEE 2 white spots poking through in the back of my DS's mouth. So it definitely seems to be a tooth. And he keeps sticking his fingers back there and chomping on the side where it seems a tooth is coming in.

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