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I've been meaning to post this info & keep forgetting...At my 9 mo Ped visit, I asked about insect repellent. He said: Insect repellent should not be used on babies if at all possible. The deet can enter the body thru the skin, and can poison babies because of their small size.

((this surprised me a bit because my Ped is pretty open to babies being weaned early if all is going fine, starting solids & table foods right at 4 months, CIO, etc.))

He said it's better to put on repellent than getting bit, so if you need to use are his recommendations:

Only use a product with 10% deet. FYI...I have not looked in stores I don't know if this 10% deet is the typical, normal repellent generally sold...or it this 10% formula is something we need to really read labels for and search for it. If anyone knows or has already looked, I'd appreciate the info.

If you apply the repellent, only apply once in a day. Basically, don't keep re-applying for all-day/all night protection. If you apply once and baby gets wet from swimming, or it wears off, you've given a bath, or're done for the day.

Be sure to give baby a bath that day or before going to bed if you've applied insect repellent that day. Don't let it sit overnight on skin. As long as it's on the skin, it's being absorbed.

The 1 question I didn't ask is how old are the kids before it's not such a bad thing anymore. Anyone know?

What have your Peds told you about insect repellent?

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