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My daughter just yesterday had to have a chest X-ray done because they think she is aspirating what she is refluxing up. She keeps getting choked on seemingly nothing way after eating, and she is spitting up a lot. She had a thickened place in the middle of both of her lungs, so they are worried about that and she has to have the barium thing on Monday. She drinks from a bottle, so hopefully it will go a little better than yours. She is only 5 months though, and very stranger shy, so she will be screaming the whole time I'm sure. I'm freaked out about it. We are giving her Axid and thickening her formula with cereal, but now she is hardly eating, so, I just want to pull my hair out. I feel so bad for my little baby that she has to go through all this. I hope your test goes okay, poor little thing. Has the Zantac helped at all?
If you could find out the name of that medicine, I would appreciate it. Our daughter is on Axid, and it seems to be helping a little already, but she hates the taste.

Also, I am going to call the doctor tomorrow about waiting to do her test until August, so we can give the medicine some time to work. She is just going to be so upset and traumatized by it, it literally took her two days to get back to normal from the chest x-ray. The doctor did say that the stuff in her lungs should clear up if the GERD is fixed and we shouldn't be concerned at all, so we are going to see if the doctor thinks its okay to wait a couple of weeks to do the test only if the GERD is still around. Do you think this is an awful idea? She does have it pretty bad- it happens several times a day, and she did aspirate it into her lungs, but it already seems so much better and she's only been on the meds and thickened formula three days! The doctor would insist if it was really important to do right now, right?

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