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My daughter said dada her first word at 7 months, and won't say it anymore. She doesn't say anything at all. She growls alot and grunts, but not a word. She didn't really start making any noise other than grunts and and growls until she said dada. Now I wonder what is going on. She said it alot at first, but isn't saying it now. She was a month premature. She does sit up, but can't pull herself up to a sit up postion. She is a happy baby, but I am worried that she is having some kind of developmental delay. I have two other children(well three others but one is a stepchild)that never seemed to be so slow at learning. She just started to feed herself(and not from lack on our part)but still has a real hard time getting the food in her mouth. What do you guys think? I haven't brought this part to the attention of our Doc as of yet, I think I might be worried about nothing. She was born with Graves a thyroid disorder, that passed after two months, but can cause things like mental retardation, and that is why I think I might just be worried over nothing, because alot of the things she has done on time. Is it normal for them not to be able to pull themselves up to sit up by 8 months? Is it normal for them to stop talking once they learn there first word?

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