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I would hate to give you wrong advice so this is what I do, just a suggestion. There is lots of "so called studies" about putting a baby to back to sleep can reduce sids or whatever. My DS is only 2 months old and all I do is put him on his belly to sleep and naps. He loves it and sleeps great. He also refuses to sleep on his back. He starts to fuss in his sleep and pretty much keeps me awake. I also told my ped about me putting him to his stomach, sure he looks down apon it but truth be told, when your ped was a baby he was put to his stomach to sleep. Along with millions and millions of other people. Be sure to keep checking on your son, go into whatever room he is in and place your hand on his back to see if hes still breathing of course. If you are afraid to put him on his belly for sleep, try putting him on his belly for naps. Also try putting him on a dryer or washer in his car seat. Also if you really need to do things for you put him in a swing. If your son actually sleeps through the night on his back ok, and during the day doesnt want to just put him on his stomach for naps only. We actually place a pacifer in his mouth and we place our son on his stomach with his head turn to the side and he sleeps great. ITs kind of funny to hear him suck the pacifer once and a great while. I was also told having a pacifer reduces the rate of SIDS. But don't think I'm telling you what to do, Im only giving advice.

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