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Ds is 13 months old and we are having some serious sleeping problems! I know that it is partially my fault, because I started letting him sleep in bed with me a while back. DH works third shift fri-Mon so I am basically all alone those four days plus most of the day Tues, cause DH is asleep. So, one night I got tired of DS crying in the bed and just put him in bed with me! Well he doesn't sleep in his bed much anymore, but it's odd, he doesn't want to sleep with me, he sleeps way on the other side. So I think maybe he just doesn't think his bed is comfy. Anyway, recently we have had a new problem develop. He wakes up some nights about 1am just screaming, he is not hungry, he has a belly ache, and he just cries and cries for about 30 minutes then falls asleep from exhaustion. We dont' really have trouble getting him to go to sleep, either a bottle or "quiet time" work well. Now, this morning, though, he decided that 5am was time to get up, and there was no getting him back to sleep, no way, I tried a bottle, I tried walking singing, and "quiet time' and all he did was play.
I don't have a problem letting him cry himself to sleep, I used to think it was mean, but it works, I don't let him just cry forever, and I check on him and all, it usually only takes about 5 minutes and he is out!
So anyway, any suggestions on what to do about this late night tummy ache? We tried gas drops and some motrin (thinking maybe it was his teeth instead of tummy) the gas drops work after the tummy ache strarts, but not to prevent it!

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