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Dairy allergy?
Jul 13, 2006
Hi all, Well my Shae is 3 months now! She is healthy 14 pounds! Although My doc thinks she might have a dairy allergy, She started having mucous in her poop and it smells! I do supplement formula once a day or so, it also had blood streak in it, not lots. Of course I freaked and called doc and went in, she didn't seem to concerned, said it is lactose problem, she is a happy baby has lots of gas though, makes her crabby. I am cutting milk and stuff from my diet and trying her on soy formula. She also broke out in a rash! I gave her a bath and it is clearing, maybe heat rash.
Anyone have this with there little one.
Re: Dairy allergy?
Jul 13, 2006
DS had alot of gas and carried on all the time at first, and we switched him to soy formula and Dr. Browns bottles, and that made all the difference! I don't know if it was a dairy allergy, he hasn't had any problem with the whole milk now, but their tummies develop alot in a year.
As for the rash, if it went away with a cool bath, it might have been a heat rash. That's pretty common, especially this time of year, well I guess that depends on where you live, lol.
I would be concerned about the mucus and blood though. Not to scare you, but that is never normal, or a good thing. I think I would check with a different ped if it doesnt' clear up soon.
I hope your little one starts feeling better!

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