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[QUOTE=friday13]Wow thanks ladies!! and I think I am going to look for a good therapist to see ... and try to find a baby sitter so I can go maybe twice a month or so.... [/QUOTE]

I so know what you are going through, as I went through this as well....but mine happened a bit earlier then 6 months. However, seeing a therapist helped SO MUCH it was unbelievable. Some people like to make you feel crazy for seeing one, but I hear it's the normal ones who go (and it makes sense if you think about it :P)

One of the things mine told me to do was to find an identity or myself and create fun things to do so I wasn't always focusing on how "alone" I going for a walk, going to a coffee shop or joining a mom's group. I also started to paint, and I pampered myself when I could, like giving myself pedicures. I also found that going out for a walk with my baby at the local park/lake was helpful, because people would always stop to see my son, and it kinda brightened my day knowing that he could bring a smile to a complete stranger.

I tried to focus on the little things that DO mean a lot in life. And when your husband is home, cherish the time you have with him, and don't dwell on when he is leaving next because that will only make the time with him an unhappy one :(

Much love and support to you dear....please feel better! :hug:

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