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:dizzy: My DS is 7 months old- been teething since 4 months. Lately he won't nap (hence the last post) and now won't sleep through the night. After getting my butt chewed out on here- I've been paranoid about the way my Ped. told me to put him to sleep.So i've been rocking for hours at a time:yawn: I was just wondering if it's normal for them to wake up this much during the teething process ???I'm worried that maybe it's something serious and i'm just chalking it up to being teething?? What are all of your babies like for the teething process?? I expected it too be miserable- but should he be this miserable?? He never has a fever but will be smiling one minute and just burst into tears the next- the real tears.. breaks my heart. I wish that i could still breastfeed- because it seems to be the answer for everything. ( DS was premature and his swallow reflex wasn't good- so after 3 months of BF he wasn't gaining any weight and was attached ALL of the time- so Doc said that bottle nipples would go down his throat better- anyway... after 3 months of pumping my doc said it was ok to start to supplemnt formula- i dried up- end of story)
So, if teething is going to be heck what are you bottle feeding ladies doing to try help your baby sleep better?? Besides Baby Tylenol and rocking 8 hrs a night?? Do you think a bottle of cold water is ok?? I've heard that but never tried it. Anyhoo..........
Any help would be great.

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