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i am in almost the same situation as you! my dd is 3 months and refuses the bottle too. when she was first born she was too much of a piggy to wait for my milk to come in so i had to supplement with formula and she would go from breast to bottle with no confusion at all for about two weeks then she stopped taking it. i have been trying to get her to take one for a while to no avail. i have a huge collection of different bottles and nipples. i have tried all the tricks, we have just not given her the breast but she would just rather go hungry and will even spit out ebm, instead of swallowing the milk she will just choke on it. i don't know what to tell you since i am still in the same situation as you but i just wanted you to know that you are not alone. i have heard that some babies just never take to bottles, i myself am going to try getting her used to the sippy cup as soon as she can sit up really good by herself, maybe you can just do a mix of the last two options. just keep giving her the cup every time she cries for food. i hope you can find a way to get her onto a bottle! good luck and let us know how things go for you! (i'll probably end up in the same place as u 5months down the road!lol)

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