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I have an 8 month old who will NOT take a bottle!! She never has! I tried and tried from month one to supplement breastmilk, but she has never taken it. Therefore, when she stayed with my mom, or DH, she would just cry and go without food! This, of course, is very upsetting to us all. I have only been able to stay away from her for one feeding at a time. I've tried all the tricks, all the nipples, and I've attempt it every few in many ways. This baby is so strong-willed.
Today I was bound and determined not to give in to her desperate-sounding crying and wailing. She REFUSED to give in and suck the bottle for more than a couple of sucks. She was hungry and cried herself to sleep! Then she woke up hungry, still wouldn't take it, and cried again until she wore herself out and went to sleep again! It was emotionally horrible for both of us! I was trying to be strong, but felt guilty as though I am responsible for this. I've taught her to LOVE breastfeeding! Finally, I offered the breast for her last feeding because I didn't want her to be dehydrated since today the weather is very hot. I didn't even offer the bottle because I didn't want to send her the message that I was giving in.

I need to wean her now, though, because I have to begin taking medication ASAP. Therefore, I would like advice about what to do. I'm thinking my options are...
1. since she is old enough to get nourishment from food (though I know it still should be through breastmilk or formula primarily), perhaps I could go cold turkey. I could just cut off the choice to ever take the breast and see if she will learn to love the bottle, taking it out of necessity at first. I could pump to help with engorgement. Is this too traumatic a change?
2. continue offering the bottle for only the lunch-time feeding until she gets the picture that this is what I will be doing every day and if she wants to eat she has to take the bottle. But I know she'll continue throwing a fit! I also feel I could confuse her because sometimes I will offer the breast and other times I won't. How will she understand this? What if she goes hungry?!
3. Try to go through this whole process using a sippy cup rather than a bottle. But currently she will not drink from a sippy cup, and I am concerned that she would not get her necessary daily requirement of milk. Currently, DD does not suck the sippy cups with valves. The valveless ones she bites and spills.

K, let me hear your opinions! I'm currently feeling very guilty for not getting her going on this sooner, even though I did try hard, so don't be too hard on me! thanks so much in advance!

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