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Re: Rash on body
Jul 17, 2006
[QUOTE=Watersulli]Hi everyone, time for another paranoid first mom question :) My six month old has developed a rash (tiny red bumps on her chest, upper back, and a couple on her legs). The gland on the back of her neck has been swollen for some time but the doctor isn't concerned about it. She hasn't been eating as much either, but doesn't really seem sick at all. No fever, no fussiness or anything. I will of course call the doctor in the morning, but it's pretty normal for a baby to get a rash every once in awhile right? The only thing new she has tried is blueberries and we haven't changed laundry detergent or anything that I can think of. Any other suggestions? Think it's probably just a run of the mill, don't freak out, rash? Thanks for any input! Help me sleep better tonight :)[/QUOTE]

Could it be heat rash? My DS got a rather bad one the other day. It was so bad, he was wiggling on the floor to scratch his back and rubbed his back a bit raw in the one spot before I figured out why he was wiggling. He also loses his appetite in the hot weather as well. I am sure to feed him plenty of fluids/ peidilyte (sp)

To remedy a heat rash, you can smooth some eucerin calming cream on the rash after a nice, tepid bath. My son is naked (except a diaper :P) for most of the day too lol. He overheats VERY easily)

As long as the rash doesn't spread rapidly, your baby doesn't have a fever or there isn't any throwing up/runny, bloody stool, your baby should be ok :D

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