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Hard stools and gas
Jul 18, 2006
okay ladies, I need your help. I'm almost exclusively formula feeding now (long story - but bottom line is no breast milk) and I have a 5 week old suffering from hard stools and gas. I've already spoken to my ped and urgent ped care. I'm doing the bicycle kicks, tummy rubs, and the rectal thermometer sphyincter stretch that I was told to do and still have issues. Switched to low iron food as I was told that it may cause constipation, but he's still gassy and the poop balls have softened up a bit (but have not gone away). I don't know if he is alergic to the formula or what! He may have a small patch of excema on his forehead, but I'm not sure since I've never seen excema before. He does have the baby acne though. He's fussy, doesn't want to stay laying down for long unless he's just plain exhausted from all the crying. He kicks hard and is in obvious pain when he's trying to pass gas I just feel sooooo bad!!!!!! Oh, and he's on the mylocin (or whatever that gas relief stuff is called)

Does anyone have experience with soy food, or lactose free food, or organic? My ped is on vacation for the next 2 weeks and I couldn't see her before she left (insurance lapse - ugh!). I just wanted to know what you ladies have experienced and if you have suggestions.


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