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I am not producing enough breast milk for my DS anymore, so I am trying to supplement some formula and having a reallllly hard time!! First off, he is allergic to dairy so I am trying soy formula, but he HATES it!! He wont eat any at all. Hes only getting about 8 to 10z of breast milk a day so I am just trying to get him to take 2 bottles of formula a day, but no luck. Any ideas??

Also, anyone have any ideas on how to increase my milk at this age or even if I can? I have been pumping/nursing alllll day long (every 3 hours) and drinking tons of water and eating lots of food. On a good pump I can get 2oz each boob, but usually only 1oz. Im starting Breastea (read my other post on Breastea) later this week after it gets shipped to me, but have already tried mothers milk tea and its not doing much.

Thanks for all your help, you guys have been a lifesaver in the past for me!!

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