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DD just turned 7 months but since she was 6 months our schedule goes something like this:
7am- breastfeeds
9am- cereal 2-3 tbsp (either rice, oats, barley, or wheat with fruit) She loves variety.
11:30- breastfeeds, if she is still hungry has at most 4oz of formula.
12:30-1:30- 1 tbsp of fruit (different kind everyday)
3pm- breastfeeds first somedays she is still hungry so again at most 4 oz of formula
6pm- has 1 teething biscuit while we eat our supper. Then 1-2 tbsp cereal,
1-2 tbsp veggies, 1 tbsp fruit.
8-9pm last feeding breastfeeds first and then usually drinks 4 oz of formula.

Everyday is different though, just like every baby. Somedays she eats less,
others more. In the hotter weather I also offer her diluted apple juice or plain water. My daughter is a little on the chubbier side too, but is also losing it because now she is more active. She is 7 months, 18 Lbs 11oz and 26.5 Inches.
I dont know if it helped you any, but atleast its something to compare it too.
Sounds like we all have babies around the same size. Ds was weighed about 2 weeks ago and was 18lbs 10 oz. He is 28.5 inches, he is very long!
Well his schedule is ALL MESSED up cause of teething and he wants to nurse all the time. But I think on the days his teeth arent' bothering him as much he is nursing about every 3 hours. Used to be close to 5 before the teething. He just started eating solids for lunch and usually has oatmeal and fruit at noon and then for dinner he eats alot. Usually oatmeal and applesauce, veggies, and a meat dinner. He loves dinner and eats until I stop giving him something. Then I nurse before bed. At about 3 months he stopped eating in the night but has since started to nurse during the night.

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