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Re: Temperatures
Jul 23, 2006
Actually, the temperature should be 104.0 before you call or take them to emerg. Anything less than this and they will just do what you would do. Run a tepid bath and give them tylenol or advil or some kind of fever reducer. This is what I was told by the Pharmacist a few months ago. Ds#1 had a fever of 102 one night and I was worried about him so I checked on him while he was sleeping. We have an ear thermometer so I took it without waking him. It was 104.3!!! I started freaking out and woke up dh and said I was taking him to the hospital. I stripped him down to his diaper and got a cold cloth to put on his head. We gave him advil - fever reducer and just kept him nice and cool and relaxed. He wasn't moving much because he obviously felt yucky having a fever that high but I didn't know what else to do. I wanted to try to bring it down as quickly as possible.
It went down within a half an hour to 102 and then to 101 about 15 mins after that. I layed him beside me to sleep for a bit and took his temp again about a half an hour after that. It was 98! I carried him to his crib and he was still feverish in the morning, about 101. Turns out he had roseola. A few days later his fever was gone and he broke out in a funny red bump rash. It wasn't itchy and went away within 3 or 4 days.
Sorry this is sooooo long. I got rambling.
100.9 is nothing to panic about is my point. Keep him cool and try fever reducer. Check on him every now and then and if he feels really hot take his temp again. If it spikes to 103 - 104 I would try to bring it down or take him to the hospital immediately.

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