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I actually learned how to read before kindergarten by watching sesame street, reading rainbow,etc. So you can't say it is not a learning tool. Yes, I was read to also but the letter recognition and things of that nature were mostly learned through the dreaded tv. Your opinion is your opinion, but it seems to come across like you are putting other people down for what they do that is different from you. I have 3 kids and my 2 older ones have tvs, dvd players, and both have video game systems(the 4 year old has a v-smilewhich is a learning tool)in their rooms. That doesn't make me an inattentive mom. Like I said, we are a tv watching bunch and I notice when my kids are learning from certain programs and sometimes they watch stuff with no educational value...just fun movies. I understand that a 4 month old and even my 9 month old is not that interested in tv, but as they get older they will. Will mine be watching the baby channel then? If she likes it. If not she'll probably watch barney or teletubbies. Thats what my other ones liked:) .

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