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Hi Sue,

It's been a while. I haven't posted anything since I went back to work in January.

As far as flying goes, I just got back from a trip to Seattle with Liam who turned one on July 3rd. He did great. We got a non-stop flight from Boston to Seattle which while being more expensive worked out well and made everything less complicated. He got fussy for a bit. This is how we dealt with it:

Before leaving, I went and bought some inexpensive small toys. Weebles to be exact. We he got cranky on the plane, I opened them up. This helped divert his attention for a while. We also brought a lot of snacksthat were dry and easy from him to grab with his little hands. Teddy Grahams and Ritz Bits work well. Again, the novelty of them was a plus as we tend not to give him that kind of food at home. I found that while we traveled, Liam didn't really want to eat regular meals, expecially on the plane. We brought bottles and formula (ok - so he still loves his Similac at 13 months!). We packed the dry formula in plastic baggies in 8 oz. servings. The flight attendants were great about getting us hot water. He was pretty happy with all the things I listed and most of all, the people. We sat near a bathroom which originally bummed me out. However, I found that the trail of folks who walked by and were more than willing to chat with him kept him occupied. After about 90 minutes of play, eating, and socializing, he fell asleep for 2.5 hours.

Ok, this is getting long. In short, bring food, toys, and drinks. ALSO - bring diapers and wipes in your carry on. My doctor also said to bring along some Benadryl. We ended up using it on the way home because he was overtired but too stimulated to fall asleep. I had my reservations about using it but his pediatrician said that it is kinder for them to sleep than it is to hold them still while they scream. It worked really well. 30 minutes after we gave it to him, he slept soundly for 2 hours and then woke up in a great mood.

Good luck. I was scared but it worked out well. You will do fine and you know what, if your baby is fussy - it will bother you more than the other passengers. Relax and enjoy you vacation.


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