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I have a 5 1/2 week old baby who we are having great trouble getting to sleep at night. For the first few weeks one of us would rock her to sleep and not put her in her co-sleeper until she was asleep and she seemed to do well this way. But from everything I've read, it's best to put baby down when she is drowsy so she can learn to fall asleep on her own. For the last 3-4 nights we have tried this approach. We have even tried different bed times ranging from 8:30- 11:00. We started getting her in a routine of sorts, bathing with the lights dim in the house, feeding her and holding her for a few minutes until she is sleepy and then laying her down. However, even if she drifts off for a few minutes, she wakes up screaming and crying like she is scared. She cried last night for what seemed like an eternity and after a long time I finally picked her up as her crying was making her hoarse. The good thing is when we do finally get her to sleep which involves rocking her to sleep and then putting her down or put her in her swing to fall asleep, she has started sleeping 5 hour stretches. The last 2 nights we moved her co-sleeper in to her own room, do you think this may have something to do with it? she is used to being in our room. I have just read so many approaches and wondered if anyone has encountered a similar issue and what maybe worked for you? Maybe we are just trying the crying it out method too early or it may not work for her, she has a very strong personality :). We even had her at the doctor and we are trying a new formula since she seemed to be gassy but I don't think her night time screaming is gas. Thanks to anyone who has advice.
i think each baby is different my ds was in his cot in his room at 8 weeks and was sleeping through till 5 am i think i was just lucky he has always slept well however it is only in the last month really that i put him to bed drowsy before that i always rocked him in my arms to sleep so he felt secure to drop off. now his bedtime varies from night to night usually between 8pm and 1030pm depending on his cues. i do not use cio but then i don't need to he sleeps when he is tired through till 7am now but he is almost 5 months.

the first 3 weeks he went up to bed with us in his moses basket next to me, then from week4 he went in his basket in my room before me when he appeared had dropped off in my arms. from when he went in his room he slept through because i was not jumping up every time he breathed with a sigh to check him which was waking him up. he is in the room next door so any cry would wake me immediately as i sleep with one ear open for him. i would not stress too much he is still a newborn at 5 weeks and is just getting used to this crazy old world. he will make his own routine soon enough. oh and i always always go to my baby when he cries in his cot usually he only needs me to shush him or pop his dummy in his mouth or change a nappy then he goes straight back to sleep. he has never ever woke up screaming. if he does stir i do what is necessary to settle him which he does very quickly and i never need to pick him up to settle him. i wonder if it is because i respond to him if he does a little cry that he feels secure enough to sleep knowing i have not left him completely.

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