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I do what jbaby does----I don't use CIO as DS is only a month old right now, but I do let him "fuss it out" as he tends to be somewhat fussy. He only fusses for about 5 minutes of less and then usually stops. But when the fuss turns to crying, I do pick him up and tend to his needs. :)

DH and I were having a hard time putting DS to sleep starting at week 3 and he'd keep us up all night which we all know can be super crazy. We finally figured he was super gassy along with being fussy----and he was also trying to tell us he was STILL hungry after we had just fed him---all this combined made him restless---his screaming became so bad no matter what we did---his voice would become hoarse. We quickly switched from using Avent bottles to Dr. Brown's bottles recently and walaaaa---pure bliss!!! He still gets gas, but gives us a couple of big burps and passes out between 11 and 12 in the evening. :) DH and I don't mind putting him down to sleep so late as he seems to be very hungry right before bedtime----once we put him down at around this time---he's been sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hours at night without waking up in a fuss. He also doesn't like sleeping in his cradle anymore with us in our room----he now prefers his crib in his own room. Also, when your baby wakes up after dozing off, check and see if she's hungry---DS was doing that. He'll eat 4 oz after a good 3 hour nap and right after he finishes, burps and dozes off for about 20 minutes and then he'll wake up crying again----and well---it turns out he's hungry AGAIN. :) Little monster! :) So, her fussiness and restlessness might be hunger with a combination of some gas---I dunno. We prepare his normal 4 oz bottles and also prepare additional 2 ounce bottles for any supplemental feedings after he's finished his normal 4 oz--that way we don't bust out a 4 ounce bottle to then find out the he only wanted one more ounce to finally get him to sleep. :)

So all in all---along with wanting to be held, cuddled etc... she might be wanting more food---just one more ounce after a little dozing off might do the trick. :) Also, he hates sleeping on his back or on his side and now prefers to sleep on his belly. This also, we found out, helps with his gas issues. We told our pediatrician about him sleeping on his belly and she said it was OK. ALL babies are different. Some like swaddling etc... he inturn hates it and likes to stretch his little body out---so cute! He also has no issues with flipping his head from the right side to the left side when he's sleeping---maybe he's just developing fast?! If he's comfortable and happy, we're happy. :)

Just as a side note, my DS is up to eating approx 24 ounces a day.


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