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...funny how the first two weeks seem to go smoothly and then the bomb hits... the first growth spurt!!! You'll find she will have a growth spurt every couple of weeks or so and then a big one at 6 and 12 weeks. I found that taking it hour by hour is the best way to get through the day. If dd is crying see if she wants to feed, if she doesnt, give her a cuddle (making sure she has a dry/clean bottom of course) and trying putting her down while rocking or rolling her basinette. Feeding is the key to good sleep and sleeping is the key for good feeding so its a nasty cycle that you need to go through to get into a smooth rhythm during growth spurts. This will last for a few days and then after that you'll think back and go "phew, we got throught that one by the skin of our teeth..." :p DD will learn to resettle after the first 35-45min sleep cycle, it takes a little while to develop that behaviour.

You're doing well, everyone goes through this stage and remember to offer the breast at every opportunity to increase your milk supply. That is the purpose of a growth spurt...

Good luck :wave:

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