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Congrats on the new baby! I remember those first weeks. My daughter has bad reflux and we were absolutely stumped at first. The tell tale sign was her not wanting to lay flat, for she would scream in pain, which was from the rising acid.

As for formulas, it may be possible that your baby is allergic to cows milk proteins, which is different then being lactose intolerant, which is the sugar in cows milk. ALL formulas, except soy, will have the proteins in it, in some form.

Does your baby also have diarrhea or a skin rash? Those can also be symptoms, although not always.

I would talk to your doctor about using donated human milk, from a milk bank. Some insurance companies will even pay for it if it's medically necessary. And it sounds like it is. Many banks also have subsidy programs too. Human milk is much easier to digest, and is less likely to create allergy issues. If you can find the resources in your area, I would highly recommend it!

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