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[QUOTE=PaulaRoet]I could only BF for 2 months because of my dd's milk protein allergy. I felt guilty about it up until recently. (Don't want to start an argument, either...I just think people should do what's best for them and that's fine by me).

I just wish I was given the ability to feel good on little sleep. Then it wouldn't be a big problem with my dd not sleeping.[/QUOTE]

First let me say, I sympathize. It's one thing to be up when they are sick but just all the time?! That sucks.

I was also wondering, how can you tell if a 3 month old is allergic to breastmilk?? I'm not judging you for anything but I thought they always said that breastmilk was meant for babies. My nephew, who is 2 now, was just diagnosed with milk protein allergy, but he was never bf and I assumed that if he was, he wouldn't have had this problem.

Does you baby eat cereal yet?? A lot of people say that as soon as babies are able to drink a bottle with cereal before bedtime,they sleep more peacefully.

I'm not bragging, but I have the total opposite problem as you. I think (knock on wood) my dd sleeps TOO much, so much to the point that it freaks me out and I'm checking on her breathing constantly. The thing that really seemed to make her sleep like a log is that Baby Magic Chamomille bath wash. I was giving her baths with it, then rubbing her body with the Chamomille lotion and she would be KNOCKED OUT for hours. That stuff would have my dh and I drowsy too. I've since given that up but if you're desperate, try it.

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