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[QUOTE=PaulaRoet]Chloe is a very happy baby, but when she gets REALLY cranky, I know it's nap time. [/QUOTE]

That may be your problem. You might be waiting too long, which leads to being over tired. I've often read that if you catch them [i]before[/i] they get to that point, that it makes things much easier.

Some of the things I've noticed in DD that tells me she's getting tired:

* Boredom, or lack of attention span. When she gets fussy and needs a "change of scenery" every 2 minutes, I know she's getting tired.

* Frustration. When she's playing with something, or even nursing, and she goes from happy to mad to happy to mad, almost out of frustration, it's time for a nap.

If I wait for her to actually rub her eyes, yawn, or cry... I'm in trouble. LOL. Too late. By then it's even harder to get her to sleep. I usually just go by how long she's been awake. She will usually take a nap every 3-4 hours, so if she's "due", I try to get her down, and that usually works.

And I totally hear you not being able to fall asleep. There is NOTHING worse then laying down with her, getting all comfy, almost falling asleep, and then have her want to play. It drives me insane. It's such a teaser. :dizzy:

Just becareful with the caffeine. I thought for the longest time that Ava wasn't effected, but she was. When I cut it out things were MUCH better, so just keep an eye out. I now drink decaf, which isn't actually that bad. In the morning it was more about my little routine, so it was mostly a mental thing. I don't miss it.

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