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the tears from ds get me like how you are feeling sometimes too. i find a good break from ds like my mom having him for a few hours gives me a good chance to relax and then when i collect him i know i am a calm and better mommy. is dd teething? i ask because ds never cried until he started teething and now it can drive me to madness. i hate it when i get angry as i don't like feeling like that i find a break really helps otherwise i count the seconds till bedtime thankfully even if he is crying on and off all day touch wood he still goes through the night. i think it is worse at the moment because he is dropping his morning nap off his own accord but he is getting over tired too. i feel for you i hate feeling the anger and upset too. thinkinhg of you take care:) it will get better i am sure - well hopeful of anyway. btw i am up because it is 9 am here. i wanteed to add ds was wide awake form 5am for about 2 months we used to be dancing in the livning room like crazy people up at 5am eventually he started sleeping till 7am thank god
Ohh I hear you girl!!!! I just posted a thread - "sleep problems AGAIN" before i saw this one and realised that my little man is doing the same - 4 months and up all night after sleeping through from 8 weeks????? I am also feeling totally insane and lifeless and angry etc etc but its not aimed at my boy its just because i am soooooooooooooooooo tired and i feel angry at myself for letting lack of sleep get to me. And aiden wont nap during the day so my only time out is when hubby has a day off from work and i sleep in the morning for a couple of hours.

And none of my friends or family (depsite them having kids) understand!!!! They think i am being unsocialble when i choose sleep over meeting them for lunch!!! I would love to meet them for lunch but dont think i would even make the journey there without nodding off. lol:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:
Wow. I haven't been able to write on this board for quite some time and now when I sit down to post about my daughter's changing sleeping habits...I find (again!) that I am not alone!

Sofia is almost 6 months-old and started sleeping through the night since week 3 or 4. By week 8 she was sleeping 8 hours and a little more every week, so I could not complain at all. Since about her 3rd month she has been going to bed at around 10 or 9.30pm, no fuss, and waking up not before 8.30 am, plus a couple of naps during the day.

But now...for the past 3 weeks not only she resists going to bed (she becomes 'Miss Charming Cutie-pie'...;) ), but she starts crying (something she hardly did before) with an angry face and it escalates till she turns red in the face...This could go on for an hour or two. I've tried calming her before the crying escalates but eventually I have to pick her up and she is both all smiles and sobs :rolleyes: ). It worries me that she gets so worked up and nothing soothes her, not even the breast, that is until she gets exhausted. I must say though, that when she finally falls asleep, with one exception, she stays asleep.

She's also bothered by teething and so at times I have given her some Tylenol. I am also watching her naps during the day, trying to tweek that a little, and it has helped some, but no two days or nights are the same!

From your posts you all seem to agree that this is a phase and partly due to teething, but I am wondering if there could be anything else causing this behaviour so one could better help the little one to unwind and rest. Even though I must make an effort to keep my own temper under control, I mostly worry about her, hoping this won't become a habit hard to break.

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