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My plan was to go a year.

DD was actually starting to show signs of self-weaning around 8 months. If she doesn't want the breast as often, I'm not going to force it on her. She was feeding herself table foods by that time anyway.

At the 9 month Ped visit, my Ped gave to okay to slowly wean and introduce whole milk if I wanted to....otherwise I could wait until 12 mo. I started whole milk cautiously at 9 months.

My plan was to take months 9-12 to slowly wea & transition her to whole milk...but after I started seeing how she basically changed into a little toddler out of an infant baby around that 9 month old timeframe...the weaning pretty much took care of itself over the course of a few weeks.

Now, at 11 months old, I still give DD a couple bottles of milk a day to supplement her table food...mostly because she's walking and really burning down her baby fat very fast...but she really doesn't have an interest in boobs or bottles anymore. She wants her cup or her straw.

DD is actually growing up and being independent on her own in everything (eating, walking, playing by herself, socializing) much faster than I would like her to...but it's my job to let her grow up and not hold her back on my own account.

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