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Bio - Regardless of your feelings on the subject I wouldn't recommend that you tell people to lay their little one's on their tummies to sleep. Many people such as myself have lost loved ones to SIDS and it is proven to increase the risk to lay them on their tummies or sides. The risk is low but it's still there. My little guy sleeps great on his back! It's all what they are use to I guess. I know you don't mean to upset anyone by mentioning it but everything and everyone is saying DON'T lay them on their tummies. I lost a sister this way (SIDS) and I won't take that risk ever.
Cookiem - Babies are so unpredictable aren't they!? :dizzy: My little man has always been really good with bedtime so I will tell you what we do. I give him a bath every night around 9:30pm - 10:00pm and then massage him with calming lotion. I get him all comfy in a sleeper and dim the lights. Then I put him to the breast while I watch TV quietly. He falls asleep after a good feed and is literally gone for the night. The most he has slept for me was 8 hours straight. He then feeds again and goes back down for another couple hours. We worked fairly hard to get him familiar with the bedtime cues but it worked! The bath signals massage and the massage signals warm comfy clothes and the clothes signals lights down and that means food and sleep.
I hope you can get her on a schedule soon. I can't imagine having to go back to work so soon after having a baby. I feel for you girl!
Oh, I forgot to mention that Tanner is 15 weeks old tomorrow and has been doing this for a good month now.

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