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Re: Baby cereal
Aug 11, 2006
[QUOTE=dizzygirl]I have to disagree with North- there is no way that meat is more easily digested than a simple carbohydrate.[/QUOTE]

You're right. I think "digestible" was a poor choice of words. I meant nutritious. Meat is a much more bio-available source of iron, fat, and depending on what you feed, a low introductory source of protein.

The premise behind feeding meat as a first food source is that by the time it's introduced, which for us will be between 6-9 months, is that their digestive systems are much more mature then that of a 4 month olds. Most people, by 9 months old (and sometimes younger!) are already feeding stage 2 jarred meats, the only difference is that we've skipped cereal. At 4 months old all cereal does is detract from the calories and fat that breastmilk/formula has, and replaces it with a filler. Cereal may not be [i]bad[/i] per se, but it's pretty useless.

And for all those people who put so much faith in the advice of their pediatrician, just keep in mind that The World Health Organization, The American Academy of Pediatrics, and La Lache League International ALL state that solids should be delayed until at least 6 months of age. That includes cereal. I would be wary of any pediatrician who thinks his knowledge is above that of three well known, highly accredited, and respected organizations.

[quote]They are guided by the AAP which is head up by doctors that I'm sure have read every "study" you believe has concluded that rice cereal is bad for a four month old. But somehow, every doctor that is following the AAP's guidelines is suggesting it to moms and dads everyday.[/quote]

And it is for this reason that I'm on my second pediatrician. I think it is my job as a parent to HIRE a pediatrician based on their experience, knowledge, and above all else, their desire to update their education and stay current with the organization who's purpose is to protect parents from old and outdated information.

Our first pediatrician had AAP certificates on the wall, yet he instructed me to do things which I later found out to be, not only outdated and no longer recommended by the AAP, but potentially harmful as well. If I had blind faith in him simply because "he signs his name with an MD" I could have ended up with a very sick child!

I believe the decision about whether or not to feed cereal at all is a personal one. However, based on the AAP, the WHO, and LLI, I don't think there is any mistaking the fact that it should not be fed before 6 months. I'm saddened by the fact that so many pediatricians are not current with this information. The medical community is not perfect, far from it. Yet many people think the sun shines out of their pediatricians behind, with out ever giving anything but the "MD" a second thought. It's sad. :(

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