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Re: Baby cereal
Aug 11, 2006
North - responding back to your post and this is my last one because I have a six month old to take care of and don't have much time for this, but I believe this is important, so I'm going to respond.

Actually, the nutrition committee FOR the AAP are the ones that have disputed the belief in restricting an infant's diet to only breastmilk/formula until six months and they are the authorities on the subject (and most likely this is the information on which my pediatrician has made his recommendation). I believe you may find evidence on their website in their breastfeeding section that suggests that it's best to breastfeed and to do so for six months, however, they neglect to report the findings for feeding rice cereal at four months. I would appreciate not being labeled as "sad" nor the suggestion that I am a naive parent. Continue your pursuits as it seems you find nobility in non-comformity. I will continue to listen to my doctor as I would advise anyone else that happens to be questioning what to feed their infant. This topic really isn't something that I am passionate about however I am uncomfortable with how freely people dispense information as if they are authorities on topics in which they are not and then label people as "sad" if they look to the correct sources for information.

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